About Your Israeli Army Status – Frequently Asked Questions

If you or your parents are Israeli citizens and you have never received an exemption from IDF mandatory military service, if you made “Aliyah” but left Israel before enlisting to your army service, or if you enlisted as an IDF soldier but then illegally left the military and fled the country, then you could be considered having committed a criminal offense and given a “deserter status”.

What’s a “Deserter Status” and what are the consequences of IDF Army Desertion

In this case, the Israeli military authorities have probably issued a warrant for your arrest, and you could be arrested at any moment, such as when leaving or entering the country.

Once apprehended, you may be jailed for up to 48 hours, with limited or no contact with your family, as military officials review your case and determine what charges to press. Should criminal charges be brought against you, it is most likely that you will remain apprehended until all legal proceedings in your matter have been concluded and your prison sentence fully served.

How do I find out my army status?

Unfortunately, most people who are unaware of their illegal army status find out about it for the first time with their arrest. We can determine your army status ahead of time.

Why should I take care of this now?

The longer you are evading the law and the less cooperative you are with law enforcement officials, the more severe your criminal offense is considered.

Depending on the circumstances, you may end up being discharged administratively, without criminal conviction or imprisonment. On the other hand, you may be unexpectedly arrested, court-martialed and face significant jail time; the conviction will be added to your criminal record and the outcome of your case will follow you for the rest of your civilian life. It is therefore advisable to resolve your status as soon as possible.

What if I don’t take care of this?

As a fellow Jew, one can never know when life will lead you back to Israel. What could be worse than missing out on your best friend’s wedding, your relative’s funeral, or even your son’s Bar-Mitzvah trip, all because there might be a warrant out for your arrest?

Resolving your army status is a process, which could be very lengthy in time. It is therefore important to start the process as soon as possible.

Do I have to come to Israel to start the process?

No. As your local representatives we can address relevant officials in your name, without your presence needed. If your case is applicable for complete dismissal of charges, you will never have to set foot in the country.

Will I have to pass time in military jail?

Not necessarily. This question can be accurately answered only after a thorough review of your case.

Can any lawyer help me?

Israeli military criminal law is a niche branch of law – much different than regular “civilian” criminal law. An attorney inexperienced in this specialized field could potentially cause you more harm than good.

We are a team of experienced veteran military attorneys, all having previously served in the Military Prosecution unit in the MAG (Military Advocate General) Corps. We will guide you through the process of resolving your deserter status with the military, present the army with the best case possible given your particular circumstances and negotiate the best outcome for you.